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Часто задаваемые вопросы

What is the cost of participation in the conference?

Participation in the conference is free of charge

The registration fee for participation in the international youth scientific conference "Oil and gas" is not provided for all categories of participants

Do the organizers provide accommodation for participants during the conference?

Available depending on the status of the participant

For the participants of the contest for the best student scientific society and intellectual game "Oil owl" from educational institutions provided accommodation in the campus of Gubkin University. For participants of the conference and intellectual game from other organizations, the organizing Committee carries out centralized reservation of rooms on the basis of the preferred accommodation conditions specified in the registration form. Recommended places for participants are indicated in the relevant section of the site

Are there part-time participation in the conference?

Not provided

Absentee participation and presentation of poster presentations are not provided by the rules of the conference

Where are the abstracts and articles of the conference participants published?

In proceedings of the conference

According to the results of the work of expert commissions on each scientific direction, a decision is made to include materials in the proceedings of the conference

Where can I get the conference proceedings?

At the registration Desk

Сonference proceedings (in PDF) are included in the handout of the conference participants on digital media, which can be obtained during registration . Please note that the conference proceedings are issued at the rate of 1 items per report, regardless of the number of co-authors. Electronic versions of the conference proceedings will be available for download on the website within 10 days from the end of the conference.

Who is a member of the expert commissions of scientific sessions?

Leading scientists and industry experts

The expert commission is formed from scientists of the University, representatives of relevant ministries and industry experts.

Is it allowed to postpone your speech to another day during the scientific sessions?

In exceptional cases, it is allowed, in agreement with the scientific Secretary of the session


Is it necessary to send a presentation of your speech to the organizing Committee before the conference? What are the requirements for the presentation material?


It is not necessary to send the presentation material to the organizing Committee before the conference.

The organizing Committee does not set any requirements for the presentation material.

How much time is given to speak at scientific sessions?

7-10 minutes