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Scientific and Technical Conference «Actual problems of development of the oil and gas industry»

On April 26 2022 the Gubkin University is scheduled to hold the XV Scientific and technical conference «Actual problems of development of the oil and gas industry».

The conference is held in order to analyze the achievements in oil and gas science and technology and determine the main directions of scientific research for the coming years and for the future. The conference is a unique platform for the exchange of experience and best practices and allows you to attract companies in the oil and gas industry to implement the most effective scientific developments.

Contact information on participation in the conference:

Ksenia Georgievna Butyrskaya
Phone: +7 (499) 507-85-15

Languages of the conference: Russian

1. Geology, geophysics and monitoring of oil and gas fields

2. Development and exploitation of natural hydrocarbon deposits

3. Design, construction and operation of pipeline transportation systems for hydrocarbons and oil and gas products

4. Technology of oil and gas processing, petrochemistry and chemmotology of fuels and lubricants

5. Design, manufacture and operation of equipment and structures of the oil and gas industry

6. Automation, modeling and energy supply of technological processes of the oil and gas industry

7. Modern problems of economics and management of oil and gas production

8. International Energy Business

9. Development of human resources in the oil and gas industry

10. Legal regulation of the activities of oil and gas industry organizations

11. Humanitarian education in oil and gas universities

12. Implementation of the import substitution program in the oil and gas industry: results and objectives

13. Actual problems of ensuring integrated security of critical facilities of the fuel and energy complex

For speakers

  • Languages of the section : Russian;
  • Specialists and scientists of oil and gas companies, industry research and design institutes, higher and secondary professional educational institutions can take part in the conference as speakers;
  • It is necessary to prepare the article in accordance with the requirements;
  • You need to create a personal account of a conference participant and fill out a profile or use an existing one, select an upcoming conference, apply for participation by attaching an article. In case of a positive decision of the expert commission, the article will be published in the proceedings of the conference;
  • The articles will be published in the proceedings of the conference;
  • We wish you a successful participation in the XV All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference «Actual problems of oil and gas complex development»!

For participants

  • It is necessary to register, indicating the status of the participant of «the Listener» until April 19, 2021;
  • You will receive a notification within 2 working days from the date of registration to the e-mail address specified during registration.

Control dates:

  • 28.02.2021 - registration deadline for speakers and acceptance of articles;
  • 10.04.2022 - sending invitations to participants;
  • 04.18.2022 - registration deadline for listeners;
  • 26.04.2021 - opening of the conference.

Categories of participants:

  • Young scientists and professionals;
  • Scientists and professionals.