The forum will be held in video and live ways of organizing. Instructions for working with a personal account.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Who can become a part of the in-person stage team?

Teams are formed from YSS members and can consist of students of any level (bachelors, masters, graduates).

Can there be more than 5 people in a team?

No, only teams of 5 people can participate in the in-person stage.

No, only teams of 5 people can participate in the in-person stage.

In accordance to the Provision on the Competition, teams of 5 people are submitted into the in-person stage. Moreover, each member of a team should be active and take part in the process of project presentation.

How much does participation cost?

Participation is free.

Are participants provided with accommodation?

Participants are provided with accommodation in the Gubkin University’s campus. Participants are free to choose their own accommodation. In this case the Organizing Committee should be notified in advance. Recommended accommodation places can be found on in the relevant section.

Where are the correspondence stage results published?

The correspondence stage results are published as an Expert Committee protocol in the relevant section of the official forum website.

Should the presentation materials be sent before the in-person stage start?

Yes. All materials should be sent not later than 24 hours before in-person stage start.